Vortex: Berlin

Atcho is no ordinary spy. He didn’t train for it…

As the Berlin Wall crumbles, can he stop it from falling to terror at the hands of conspirators embittered by their loss of supremacy?

Hard-liners plot to preserve the power that kept a population of millions imprisoned for decades, with its savage machinery. They’re ready to take extreme measures to preserve absolute authority.

Will they gun down crowds and leave bodies in the streets to re-instill fear and re-establish order?

Will they use weapons of mass destruction?

Covert operators fight to ensure the hated Wall comes down. Could Atcho’s wife, Sofia, be one of them? She has an agenda she is unwilling to share with anyone, including Atcho.

Can he block the cabal intent on reversing the march of history? Can he do it and come out alive—with Sofia?

Readers of Bourne and Reacher will love Atcho’s pulse-pounding exploits because they’re so real. You’ll be left wondering was that fiction—or could it have happened exactly that way?