The Atcho Conspiracy

Atcho peers through the sniper scope.

Crosshairs neatly divide the irregular birthmark on the target’s forehead. What’s the penalty for assassinating a foreign head-of-state on US soil?

He buries the thought, takes a breath, holds it, and squeezes the trigger. Another man moves in front of the target.

Atcho remains steady while in his mind’s eye he re-lives the events that had brought him to this point. Graduation with honors on a military parade field. Abandoned in battle. Seventeen years in the world’s worst dungeons. Separated from his motherless child. Coerced into espionage against the adopted country he loves.

He has no way out.

He creates one.

The target clears. He sights on the birthmark once more. A persistent thought invades his concentration. How fast does World War III start after I take the shot? As he applies pressure to the cold, curved steel against his finger, another thought intrudes. What happens to my daughter if I don’t?

Discover the suspense in this thriller that pits an unwilling spy against hidden masters who manipulate his sense of honor against his love of family and country. If you love spy thrillers, don't miss this one because, like Jason Bourne, Atcho stumbles when tripped. He bleeds when cut, but he never compromises or breaks.