Somber Note From A Combat Surgeon

I was deployed in Afghanistan for 17 months, came home, and then went back for an additional 2 months. For a short time while there, I published a blog. In light of closure of national monuments honoring our Fallen Heroes, I have here re-published a particularly moving guest article; it is a letter home from […]

Time To Slam The Hammer Down!

The United States of America Is Still The Home Of The Brave! We were outgunned, out trained, out equipped, but when George Washington spent the winter of 1777 – 1778 encamped in the freezing cold with our starving men at Valley Forge, our country faced conditions as severe as anything we contemplate today.  There is […]

When Good People Remain Silent, Evil Wins

Son Wounded – The six 40-millimeter live grenades that exploded within eight feet of my son’s head at a patrol base in Kandahar Province in Afghanistan left him, as he informed me over Secret channels later, “with his bell rung.” The attack was at night, he was asleep on the ground in a patrol base, […]