Fahrenheit Kuwait

Hunted. Tenacious. He's lethal. The US president sends him anyway.

When US and allied intelligence agencies detect specific keywords over terrorist networks, they fear that a foreseen danger threatens—Russian nuclear stockpiles could find their way onto the illegal-arms black-market. One infamous master-terrorist could already have penetrated the West with a device of unmeasured destructive force.

Does he know how to use it? Can he replicate it?

Where can he get the biggest bang for his plutonium?

In a deathly contest of international intrigue spanning continents and cultures, Atcho and his nemesis match wits, trading intermittent roles as hunter and prey.

If you love espionage narratives woven around historical events that you witnessed, even from afar, you’ll love Atcho’s tenacity against a fierce and wily foe because the story leaves you wondering if you just read fiction—or fact. If you like Reacher and Bourne, you'll love Atcho.