Time To Slam The Hammer Down!

Trucker Shut DownThe United States of America Is Still The Home Of The Brave! We were outgunned, out trained, out equipped, but when George Washington spent the winter of 1777 – 1778 encamped in the freezing cold with our starving men at Valley Forge, our country faced conditions as severe as anything we contemplate today.  There is very little doubt that some patriots then declared defeat in the face of such incredible odds, but thankfully, their voices were drowned by the actions of determined men and women who pursued Liberty despite the machinations of a wannabe’ despot. In that Valley during that cold winter, the American Spirit was Forged by the Hammer of Courage against the Anvil of Tyranny.

Same Old Same Old – Just yesterday, an American went about his normal business, which included running in the Valley Forge National Park near his home. He was arrested and fined by the United States Park Service because the park was closed due to the shutdown of the federal government by a man who would be king. What is obvious is that the government not of, by, or for the people is spending the people’s money to cause pain and anguish among citizens in a naked show of force to show who’s boss; and, spending money needlessly

Our Elderly Imprisoned! In Yellowstone, a group of elderly visitors to the park were locked inside the Inn, with armed “Hulk Hogans” guarding the doors. Among the visitors were citizens of other countries with little knowledge of English, and worried that they were being arrested. Technically, they were not; but technically, they were. That is, they were held by officials of the government, in a locked facility, and not allowed to go about their lawful business – that is “arrest.”

Courage Is Creative Response To Danger – And Bikers Led The Way – When Islamic fundamentalists threatened a Million Muslim March on Washington to demand unequal rights in the expressions of their religion, ordinary men and women did extraordinary things by banding together and riding across the US to remind the Oval Office that normal, law-abiding citizens still possess and protect rights guaranteed by the Constitution, with or without his consent, and that they will be exercised even in the absence of a permit.

Normal Citizens Doing It Again – In Trucks! The Truckers To Shut Down America that will commence in two days is an extraordinary event. The vehicles are big, and they are loud, and their messages will be emblazoned across bright surfaces that cannot be missed. Do not be surprised if the pretender to the Oval Office finds funds to vacate Washington this weekend. Doesn’t matter – he will hear it loudly, and the intended meaning cannot be missed. They will be joined by truckers from Canada, and by Veterans in pickups who will follow with First Aid, and other supplies. Along the way, other ordinary Americans will provide food and comfort.

This Protest Is By Our Lifeline! Truckers are the people who bring the food we eat, the clothes we wear, and the roofs that shelter us to our doorsteps. They are themselves ordinary citizens just trying to raise children, and pay bills in peace and prosperity – as was bequeathed to us by every American generation before. They are now using the resources at their disposal in a creative way against a government that has declared our citizenry to be its enemy. Our Truckers are demonstrating courage against a pugnacious foe. In 1776 and at Valley Forge, that enemy was King George III and the British Army. Today, the foe is Barry Soweto and any and all those in our government who have forgotten their oaths to support and defend the Constitution of the United States of America. Our Truckers deserve and will have the support of the Nation!

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